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After last week’s post, I was looking around for what I could put up that’d provide a suitable tonal shift and stumbled across the publicity shots for Arion Productions’ 2013 revival of the first AIDS play, As Is.

It’s hard to describe the piece other than to say it completely avoids the…

From the archives: Glass houses

To ring in the new year I thought I’d draw from my archive for something big and different.

And so to director Phelim McDermott and designer Julian Crouch — founders of Improbable Theatre — for their ENO / Metropolitan Opera production of Philip Glass’s opera Satyagraha, which looks at the early life of…


Back in July, I looked at how we approached the publicity shots for Martin Sherman’s play, Passing By, to make sure we did justice to the fact this play isn’t gay, it just happens to be about two gay people, and how we jiggled the look when, after the initial…

Don’t squash Louisa!

This one’s from a couple of years ago.

I was asked to shoot the poster image for A Broken Rose at the Cockpit Theatre with a very specific brief in mind.

The play was about a teenage girl who’d drawn herself so deep into her imagination to deal with her childhood that she…


Some interesting challenges posed by advertising Passing By, Martin Sherman’s play about two men who fall in love which makes a virtue out of treating them as normal human beings rather than theatrical excuses for oh-my-god-they’re-gay-this-is-an-ISSUE angst.

First off, advertising for gay plays tends to be anything but charming.  Traditionally, you stick as…

From the archives: They never did THAT on the telly…

Sometimes people do things so contradictory to what’s come before that you have to stop yourself a second to experience that little bit of weirdness wiggling inside.

Hannah Montana goes from cutesie teenie pop to licking chains in her birthday suit. Britney Spears goes from chaste pig-tailed schoolgirl to lingerie billboard…

You can shoot me straight to the top

With the London School of Musical Theatre but weeks away from their return to the Bridewell Theatre, I thought I’d revisit the second of their shows there last year, Applause.

Applause, based on the film All About Eve, is basically an instruction manual for aspiring stars who happen to be psychopaths.  Think of it as Fatal…

To the pub

Publicity shots of actor and all-round good egg Stevie Webb, shot at the Landor pub to advertise the Landor Theatre’s “An Audience With” series.

Guns and nipple tassels

Poster shots and production photos from Burlesque, which ran at the Jermyn Street Theatre.

The musical, an engaging look at the plight of revue theatres under McCarthyism, went on to win the Offie award for best new musical.

Assistant for the poster shoot at the Southwark Playhouse: Jaap Jong.

In the beginning

Going through the archives the other day I came across the first publicity shots I ever took, all the way back at the beginning of 2010, to promote Tennessee Williams’ take on Chekhov’s The SeagullThe Notebook of Trigorin.

The piece went on to generate a debate in the…