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Insert cockney rhyming slang here

Some more from the revival of Lionel Bart’s Fings Aint Wot They Used T’Be earlier this year at the Union Theatre.  The pictures speak for themselves, although I took the liberty of expunging the girls-on-their-knees number (use your imagination) to protect more innocent audiences…

Particular thanks to Chris Hornby and Oliver…

Doing a poster on a microbudget

You will need:

One Myra Hindley expression
One table mat
One chopped-up legal folder
One Director’s Extremely Cooperative Boyfriend
Imaginative directions and innuendo (batch)
Not-especially-straight lines (batch)
One Producer
Producer’s exquisite bow-shaped lips (pair)
One stick of vivid red glittery lipstick
One piece of torn white card
One Talented Graphic Designer Called Richard…