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Too much life: out-takes from the raw series

My last post was all about how I asked my models to look stoned and brain dead.

That, as it turned out, is a surprisingly difficult thing to pull off.

So herewith a few outtakes from the raw series in which people failed to look like zombies.

Zombies wear Gap

A series over a year in the making, a while back I realised I’d fallen into the trap many photographers end up in in the early years after they turn pro.

I’d become so het up about things like correct framing, exposure, focus, lighting and all the other technical titbits that…

New website

Well, it’s only taken four months (what can I say, these things take time…), but I’m pleased to announce I have a brand new website at

The old one’s off to get turned into glue.

Death to the Finborough

If there’s one character who pervades every scene of Sommer 14 — A Dance of Death it is, as the title suggests, Death (note for the uninitiated: it’s not a ballet — a dance of death / Totentanz / danse macabre is a mediaeval literary genre centred around the fact we all…

Heart Reaper

Production shots from “Grim” — a wonderfully fun new musical now playing at the Charing Cross Theatre.

The show tells the tale of the unlikely love affair between high school kids Grim (hobbies include swinging a scythe and collecting cloaks in every shade of black) and Cupid.

…To the front

And we’re back for the production photos of the European premiere of the Ahrens and Flaherty musical Dessa Rose — now open at Trafalgar Studios.

It’s really rather good.

From the back…

Ironically, about the last place you’d expect to take rehearsal shots would be on the stage of an actual theatre, least of all one as capacious as the Charing Cross.

So I got up to quite a bit of mischief doing everything I never normally get to do for the rehearsal photos of Dessa Rose, now open at…