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Out of the woods

Two models, Helen and Sophie, some glittery clutchbags, some shiny clothes and some pine trees.  It’s sort of Christmassy, isn’t it?

Some fashion work, shot in the Ashdown Forest in Sussex.  The temperature didn’t excite the mercury much.

My Favorite Year

Back in the spring of this year I was privileged to shoot the production shots for the London School of Musical Theatre’s season at the Bridewell Theatre (famed for having a swimming pool beneath the stage, trivia geeks…).  These stills are from the brilliant production of My Favorite Year.

King John

Production photography from the 2012 production of Shakespeare’s King John at the Union Theatre.  Avec blowtorch.

The physical product

For a while, I (along with many photographers, I suspect) have been thinking about prints.

Or, rather, the lack of them.

Not so very long ago, you used to shoot 24 frames on a roll of film, pop into Boots and pop out again with a little folder of physical photos on…