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Respro masks

Something a little different from my usual theatre fare.

A shoot for cycling equipment makers, Respro, to showcase some of their different cycling masks.  Shot in the extraordinary town of Thamesmead in southeast London.

From museum to awards venue in 2.5 hours flat

Something a bit different this time round.

I was asked by events and lighting company Light Motif to shoot their work on the 2015 Stonewall Awards.

What we ended up with was a portrait of the controlled mayhem involved in transforming the Victoria and Albert Museum into an awards venue in 2.5 hours…

The Fantastic Mr Foster

I’m lucky enough to have many lovely, lovely clients, but I count Philip Foster among my favourites for two reasons.  First, I’ve worked with him since pretty much the first day I set out as a photographer.  Second, because in a business full of inspiring personalities he stands out as a very…


It’s not often you get to do your thing and go as wild as you want (within reason) on a commercial shoot.

Cycling pollution mask makers, Respro, wanted to introduce their new Skins range with a beauty shot-type image  to emphasise that, just because something’s useful, doesn’t mean it…

Swing your boom

Returning the blog to its usual jumble of things that happened just now and things that happened rather longer ago, stills of a Drama Direct screen acting class, led by the actor Mark McGann, for clients of agents ADA, shot on a beautifully warm, sunny day at Hardwick House in…

And now for something quite different

If you’ve ever spent any length of time with Americans (or, indeed, if you happen to be an American), you’ll know that, every once in a while, something doesn’t just get lost in the translation, it gets turned backwards in it.

There are certain words, see, that get all screwed up when…