The Road to Serfdom

So, frequent collaborator, makeup artist and all-round creative whirlwind, Siwan Hill, called me up.

“I need to do some effects,” she said.  “What can we do with effects?”


“You know, blood, gore, carnage, that sort of thing.”

“I dunno,” I said, “but I’d quite like to do the evolution of man… You know, hunchback becomes homo erectus without the full-frontal nudity.”


And thus, many emails later, we decided to revisit the recession and make a gentle dig at Hayek’s Road to Serfdom by watching what happens when capitalism reaches its logical conclusion and switches into reverse.

And we did this by covering our models in mustard.

Fun fact: the most difficult prop to procure was the right kind of paper bag.

Concept: Siwan Hill and Scott Rylander

Makeup and styling: Siwan Hill

Models: Katerina Jugati and Paul Hughes