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Ello Princess

For a while, now, I’ve been searching for a chance to do some theatre advertising shots using a really, really classic look that doesn’t get seen much beyond magazine editorials these days because it’s a bit retro.

So when I was asked to shoot the publicity for Gilbert and Sullivan’s seldom-seen Princess…


Publicity stills of classical pianist Matthieu Esnult and associates.

Shot at Christopher Wren’s Royal Naval College in Greenwich, we worked to some crazily tight time windows (think five minutes to light, shoot and get out) to accommodate the fact that the buildings, old as they are, are very much in use.

Rubble and rain

A railway arch, a pile of rubble, a lot of mud, an obstacle course to get to the location, an electrocution risk only avoided by a fortuitous last-minute equipment switch, a very wet producer, costume designer, actor and photographer, all to get some apt publicity shots of star Alastair Brookshaw…

Portrait of the Artist

Portraits of painter John Ward, photographed in his southeast London studio.


Some publicity stills of the wonderfully talented trumpeter, Harrison Cole, shot round and about various less-known corners of London.

The Road to Serfdom

So, frequent collaborator, makeup artist and all-round creative whirlwind, Siwan Hill, called me up.

“I need to do some effects,” she said.  “What can we do with effects?”


“You know, blood, gore, carnage, that sort of thing.”

“I dunno,” I said, “but I’d quite like to do the evolution of man… You know,…

Too much life: out-takes from the raw series

My last post was all about how I asked my models to look stoned and brain dead.

That, as it turned out, is a surprisingly difficult thing to pull off.

So herewith a few outtakes from the raw series in which people failed to look like zombies.

Zombies wear Gap

A series over a year in the making, a while back I realised I’d fallen into the trap many photographers end up in in the early years after they turn pro.

I’d become so het up about things like correct framing, exposure, focus, lighting and all the other technical titbits that…

Even Lindsay Lohan got fired, you know.

What do you do when you’ve got a photoshoot that’s taken a month to organise and the model is so unprofessional she neither turns up nor tells you she’s not turning up?

Avail yourself of the kindness of your makeup artist and use her instead.

What do you do when you’ve got…

Retro / Futuro