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Finian’s Rainbow

It shouldn’t be possible to squeeze a cast this size into the Union Theatre and have them whirl and jig with all the gusto they do.  And yet, somehow, they fit.

Shots from the amazing Finian’s Rainbow, in its first professional London revival since its original West End run.  The show runs…

Lost Boy

I try to mix my blog up a bit for variety, so this post is something of a rarity: production shots from a production that’s still open and you can still go to see!

These shots are from the fantastic new musical Lost Boy, which floats the question of how Peter Pan and…

My Favorite Year

Back in the spring of this year I was privileged to shoot the production shots for the London School of Musical Theatre’s season at the Bridewell Theatre (famed for having a swimming pool beneath the stage, trivia geeks…).  These stills are from the brilliant production of My Favorite Year.

Get out that Irene Cara CD

So it’s 2 degrees (not now, obviously).  It’s about to p*ss it down with rain.  It’s windy, it’s slippery, and really, really bleak.

What better conditions, then, to head out for some location movement shooting with very talented (and even more tenacious) dancer, Charlotte Tooth?  She looked lovely.  I got…