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School’s Out

Something different this time… Production shots from Milton Keynes theatre and dance school Arts1’s sixth form end-of-year showcase, which brought together performances from all different disciplines and a lot of very talented students.

New Songs 4 New Shows

Production shots from a very special one-off last week.

Musical theatre producers The Stable took over the Lyric Theatre for one night only for a gala performance of selections from four new musicals currently in development: Wigmaker, Fanatical, Joan and The Happy Prince.

Among the performers were (in no particular order!) Mel…

Slash, wax, cage

So last week the LSMT were spreading grunge anarchy through the Bridewell Theatre.  This time it’s the indescribably mad combination of waxworks, Victorian serial killing and spacious jail cells in Redhead.

The show runs to Saturday 2 May.

Boulevard of Broken Dreams

So how do you shoot hip-hop choreography?  By drinking two litres of water the moment you get home, as it happens.

Shots from the London School of Musical Theatre’s phenomenal and utterly anarchic take on Green Day’s American Idiot at the Bridewell Theatre.

Note that if you’re intending to see it there’s only…

Liberty leading the people

Some production shots from the radical reworking of Gilbert and Sullivan’s controversial Princess Ida at the Finborough Theatre.

The (extremely entertaining) show runs until 18 April.

Heart Reaper

Production shots from “Grim” — a wonderfully fun new musical now playing at the Charing Cross Theatre.

The show tells the tale of the unlikely love affair between high school kids Grim (hobbies include swinging a scythe and collecting cloaks in every shade of black) and Cupid.

Spend Spend Spend

Bringing the London School of Musical Theatre’s 2014 stay at the Bridewell Theatre in the City to a close, Spend Spend Spend tells the story of Viv Nicholson.

Nicholson, notoriously, won big on the pools with her husband in the 60s and announced that she was going to “spend, spend, spend”.

Given that…

God is not a plastic surgeon

I seem to have been shooting a lot of musicals lately.

This is good for me because shooting a musical is a bit like going to the gym.  This is less good for my shoes because shooting a musical is a bit like going to the gym in inappropriate footwear.

Shots from…

You can shoot me straight to the top

With the London School of Musical Theatre but weeks away from their return to the Bridewell Theatre, I thought I’d revisit the second of their shows there last year, Applause.

Applause, based on the film All About Eve, is basically an instruction manual for aspiring stars who happen to be psychopaths.  Think of it as Fatal…

Guns and nipple tassels

Poster shots and production photos from Burlesque, which ran at the Jermyn Street Theatre.

The musical, an engaging look at the plight of revue theatres under McCarthyism, went on to win the Offie award for best new musical.

Assistant for the poster shoot at the Southwark Playhouse: Jaap Jong.