Tag: Finborough Theatre

Beast On The Moon

Production shots from the deeply moving Beast On The Moon at the Finborough Theatre, which looks at the marriage of two refugees from the Armenian genocide.

The show runs to 23 February.

Bury The Dead

Production shots from playwright Irwin Shaw’s fascinating protest play, Bury The Dead, which follows six dead soldiers who refuse to be buried and concludes the Finborough Theatre’s GREATWAR100 series.

The show runs at the Finborough to 24 November.

Finishing the Picture

Production shots from Arthur Miller’s final play, Finishing the Picture, inspired by the filming of The Misfits and the decline of Marilyn Monroe.

The show runs at the Finborough to 7 July.

Into the Numbers

Production shots from the thought-provoking Into the Numbers at the Finborough.

The play looks at writer Iris Chang, whose book The Rape of Nanking brought the 1937 massacre at Nanking back into the public consciousness, and who committed suicide at the age of 36.

The Busy World Is Hushed

Production shots from the European premiere of playwright Keith Bunin’s The Busy World Is Hushed at the Finborough Theatre.

The (properly moving) show, directed by Paul Higgins, runs to 25 November.

Incident at Vichy

Production shots from Arthur Miller’s super-tense Incident at Vichy at the Finborough Theatre.

The play joins a collection of strangers rounded up in Vichy France as they await unknown fates at the hands of the Nazis.

I’m Gonna Pray For You So Hard

Production shots from sensationally intense two-hander, I’m Gonna Pray For You So Hard, at the Finborough Theatre.

The show runs to 25 March.

Veterans Day

Production shots from the first London production of playwright Donald Freed’s thought-provoking Veterans Day since 1989.

The show, now playing at the Finborough, looks at the clashing ideals of three veterans of three different wars.


Production shots from the very fresh Shangri-La at the Finborough, which looks at the contradictions inherent in cultural tourism in Tibet (and reminded me very much, as it happens, of an episode in Bhutan when I bumped into an American heiress trekking at 4,000 metres, together with her entourage of local guides,…

It Is Easy To Be Dead

Production shots from the moving It Is Easy To Be Dead at the Finborough.

The show, which runs to 9 July, looks at the life of World War I poet Charles Sorley.