Singing songs about the Southland

There’s not much I can say about shooting the poster and advertising imagery for Dessa Rose, coming soon to Trafalgar Studios.

Stars Cynthia Erivo and Cassidy Janson worked every angle and every emotion like they’d been born for the camera.

Costume designer Pippa Batt delivered in spades on virtually no notice.

Associate director Jen Bakst not only kept us to the schedule like a Japanese train but managed to double as a rather good photographic assistant AND stop me falling over.

And executive producer Andrew Harmer got us from the studio to Richmond Park and back again as if chasing the sun via every traffic jam in London were his raison d’être.

All I had to do was turn up and click.

(PS I’ve included a behind the scenes shot courtesy of Mr Harmer that demonstrates perfectly why my career’s doomed the moment I need a hip replacement.)