In summary

The places and airlines that get you to other places:

  • Egyptair: Imagine what planes looked like 25 years ago. Then fly in them.
  • Cairo’s airport: If you look carefully through the brown haze (which probably bests Tunis), you can just about see the pyramids as you land.
  • Royal Jordanian: Imagine what planes will look like in 25 years. Then fly in them.
  • Amman: Many hills, a small citadel, a flag the size of a block of flats and a lot of friendly Palestinians. Oh, and Starbucks. Libya didn’t have Starbucks.
  • Delhi Airport:“You can’t stand there.” “Where can I stand?” “Just to your left.”

    “Where is your stamp?” “Right there.” “I can’t read it. This is a problem.” “Would you like me to re-enter the country so I can get a new one?”

    “Can I see your ticket please?” “Here you go.” “Can I see your ticket please?” “You saw it just over two minutes ago but here you go.” “Can I see your ticket please?”

    “It’s 50 rupees to come in.” “But I need to come in to get to the cash machine to have the rupees to pay you with.” “You need to pay to come in.” “Can I pay in pounds, dollars?” “No. It’s 50 rupees.”