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Too much life: out-takes from the raw series

My last post was all about how I asked my models to look stoned and brain dead.

That, as it turned out, is a surprisingly difficult thing to pull off.

So herewith a few outtakes from the raw series in which people failed to look like zombies.

Zombies wear Gap

A series over a year in the making, a while back I realised I’d fallen into the trap many photographers end up in in the early years after they turn pro.

I’d become so het up about things like correct framing, exposure, focus, lighting and all the other technical titbits that…


I think the pictures say it all with this lot…

Rat Race

It started with lighting tests.  

I was doing a lot of lighting tests, and I was doing them on myself.  Hundreds of them; possibly thousands.  So many lighting tests, in fact, that they were becoming the closest equivalent I now have to conference calls.

Conference calls are a bit of an art:…