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Opera Noir

Rehearsal photos usually look very bright, very white, and very floaty.  But sometimes the venue just doesn’t want to play ball and you end up with something rather pleasantly different.

So, publicity shots and tremendously film-noir style rehearsal photos for the forthcoming opera play, Dress Rehearsal, which opens at the OSO Arts…

I Loved Lucy

Super-saturated publicity and rehearsal shots for playwright Lee Tannen’s I Loved Lucy, based on his memoir of his time with Lucille Ball.


The show, which comes to the Jermyn Street Theatre next month, stars Sandra Dickinson and Matthew Bunn, and promises to be a blast.

Slummin’ it

So last week I had the pleasure of shooting Sheila Hancock and Jenna Russell for Grey Gardens at the Southwark Playhouse.  But with a twist.

The brief was to make it all look like bad 70s snaps.  Well, assuming your name’s not Juergen Teller, that’s quite a big ask.  The risk is that you don’t just end up…

Tiny Timple

I’m having a puns week, so you’ll forgive the title.

Antic Disposition’s wonderful Christmas Carol returns to the Middle Temple Hall next month for a strictly limited run from 22 to 30 December.

We pottered around the Temple with stars David Burt and David Hunter earlier this month in search of climes Dickensian…

Always take the feather with you

When we sat down to talk about the poster for World War I musical The White Feather (coming to the Union in September), we knew three things.

It was going to have a feather in it.  It was going to be shot in studio.  And we were going to shoot it for real.

Well, sometimes photoshoots evolve…

They’re back…

No sooner do I post about the original run of As Is at the Finborough Theatre than it resurrects for a rather special transfer to Trafalgar Studios.

Poster and rehearsal shots from the forthcoming production, plus a bonus shot of Mr Steven Webb departing just a fraction from the brief during…


Production and publicity shots for actress Kate Cook’s (super-intelligent, super-demented and super-amusing) one-woman show, The Invisible Woman, coming to the Edinburgh Fringe this year.


After last week’s post, I was looking around for what I could put up that’d provide a suitable tonal shift and stumbled across the publicity shots for Arion Productions’ 2013 revival of the first AIDS play, As Is.

It’s hard to describe the piece other than to say it completely avoids the…


How do you market a play about a genocide?

It’s not a question that comes up every day but when the Finborough Theatre asked me to shoot the advertising images for I Wish To Die Singing — a highly unconventional play about the Armenian Genocide

The Fantastic Mr Foster

I’m lucky enough to have many lovely, lovely clients, but I count Philip Foster among my favourites for two reasons.  First, I’ve worked with him since pretty much the first day I set out as a photographer.  Second, because in a business full of inspiring personalities he stands out as a very…