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New website

Well, it’s only taken four months (what can I say, these things take time…), but I’m pleased to announce I have a brand new website at

The old one’s off to get turned into glue.

Why I’ve (sort of) quit street photography

The Guardian ran a piece this week on the absolutely delightful Tumblr site Women Who Eat on Tubes.

As the name suggests, it’s a site full of pictures of women eating on the Tube.

Given that there are blogs out there that carry highlights from spycams hidden in men and women’s…

The physical product

For a while, I (along with many photographers, I suspect) have been thinking about prints.

Or, rather, the lack of them.

Not so very long ago, you used to shoot 24 frames on a roll of film, pop into Boots and pop out again with a little folder of physical photos on…

Back to basics

Reed beds, blossom and a field near Chichester.  Because I still take pictures that don’t have people in them from time to time.

Mad Max meets Wuthering Heights meets Alien

Some location scouting (don’t ask) a couple of weeks back took me to two of southeast England’s weirder landscapes: Ashdown Forest and Romney Marsh.

The Forest is famed for not having many trees (“forest”, legend has it, originally meant hunting reserve) and being home to Pooh Bear.  It also has scary-looking…

Good bye David, hello Scott

For a while, now, a clutch of hardworking journalists have been playing a really neat trick.  Instead of getting wet by going out to a library and getting some statistics to support their piece, they’ve discovered that if you type vaguely relevant words…

Artichokes, a shack and a suicide

To Virginia Woolf’s country retreat this weekend, Monk’s House, near Lewes in East Sussex. The house played host to members of the Bloomsbury Group and some vegetable gardening in its time, and now takes in visitors twice per week.

Unlike George…


I’ve been out and about with the camera again, this time to Chatsworth in the Peak District. As usual the weather did not comply.

Things to do when you’re ill; a multimedia experience

For the last few days I’ve been virtually housebound with what I can only assume not to be swine flu. Today’s method of passing the time involved seeing what music could be made using whatever I had around the house and that beautiful, tone-deaf voice of mine.

Thus I present to…