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The Flying Dutchman

Production shots from the massive staging of Wagner’s Flying Dutchman at the English National Opera two years ago.

Swing your boom

Returning the blog to its usual jumble of things that happened just now and things that happened rather longer ago, stills of a Drama Direct screen acting class, led by the actor Mark McGann, for clients of agents ADA, shot on a beautifully warm, sunny day at Hardwick House in…

Like a thrifty goddess

Never let it be said that Shakespeare was a twisted man.  Shots from last year’s production of Measure for Measure at the Union Theatre, which saw the space transformed into, well, a walk-through brothel among other things…

My Favorite Year

Back in the spring of this year I was privileged to shoot the production shots for the London School of Musical Theatre’s season at the Bridewell Theatre (famed for having a swimming pool beneath the stage, trivia geeks…).  These stills are from the brilliant production of My Favorite Year.

King John

Production photography from the 2012 production of Shakespeare’s King John at the Union Theatre.  Avec blowtorch.

The Hired Man

Way back in 2011, people were rioting on London’s streets.  It would be nice to say that it was all about Howard Goodall’s musical The Hired Man at the Landor.  But that’d be about as much of a leap as everything else newspaper columnists tried to pin the blame on.


Shakespeare 90210

Publicity stills shot for last year’s production of Shakespeare’s King John at the Union Theatre.

Thanks to the whole cast and production team, all of whom mucked in as assistants at various points.

The Tales of Hoffmann

It’s back to the Coliseum for some shots of the English National Opera’s 2012 production of Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffmann.



The Barber of Seville

Production shots from the English National Opera’s production of Rossini’s The Barber of Seville.  I was thrilled to be commissioned to photograph the 25th-anniversary outing of Jonathan Miller’s staging earlier this year.



Pitchfork on stage

Production shots from the spectacularly unsettling 2012 revival of Philip Ridley’s play, The Pitchfork Disney, at the Arcola.