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Regarding Henry

Theatre company Antic Disposition have returned to Temple Church with a new — and rather beautiful — production of Shakespeare’s Henry V, fresh from their tour in France.  Some of the production shots below.

The show runs in the legal cathedral to Saturday 5 September.

Incidentally, the photos may give the impression that…

Always take the feather with you

When we sat down to talk about the poster for World War I musical The White Feather (coming to the Union in September), we knew three things.

It was going to have a feather in it.  It was going to be shot in studio.  And we were going to shoot it for real.

Well, sometimes photoshoots evolve…

Theatre. Quickly.

I was at the Lost Theatre over the weekend to shoot the 1448 London festival.

Billed as the world’s quickest theatre festival, the idea of 1448 is for writers, actors, designers and directors to devise and stage 14 brand new plays in the space of 48 hours.

Pushing everyone’s innovation to the…