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You can shoot me straight to the top

With the London School of Musical Theatre but weeks away from their return to the Bridewell Theatre, I thought I’d revisit the second of their shows there last year, Applause.

Applause, based on the film All About Eve, is basically an instruction manual for aspiring stars who happen to be psychopaths.  Think of it as Fatal…

To the pub

Publicity shots of actor and all-round good egg Stevie Webb, shot at the Landor pub to advertise the Landor Theatre’s “An Audience With” series.


And it’s back to the Coliseum for the English National Opera’s reimagining of Handel’s Rodelinda.  If you want to see this one, get down there this evening.  It’s the last performance.

A happy jester he is not

Shots from the extraordinary-looking new production of Verdi’s Rigoletto at the English National Opera.

The show, with its gigantic wood-paneled set, runs until 14 March.