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Rat Race

It started with lighting tests.  

I was doing a lot of lighting tests, and I was doing them on myself.  Hundreds of them; possibly thousands.  So many lighting tests, in fact, that they were becoming the closest equivalent I now have to conference calls.

Conference calls are a bit of an art:…

And now for something quite different

If you’ve ever spent any length of time with Americans (or, indeed, if you happen to be an American), you’ll know that, every once in a while, something doesn’t just get lost in the translation, it gets turned backwards in it.

There are certain words, see, that get all screwed up when…

Clutchbags at dawn

“Edgy.  But politely edgy.”  

That was the brief for a day of concept tests for leather accessories designer Shen London for a forthcoming campaign.  Which, aside from ruling out pictures of starved models on street corners wearing nothing but a clutchbag (so noughties…), is a pretty nice brief to get.

There were…

Get out that Irene Cara CD

So it’s 2 degrees (not now, obviously).  It’s about to p*ss it down with rain.  It’s windy, it’s slippery, and really, really bleak.

What better conditions, then, to head out for some location movement shooting with very talented (and even more tenacious) dancer, Charlotte Tooth?  She looked lovely.  I got…

Where were we…?

How, exactly, does one resume a blog after writing nothing for a year?

There are, I suppose, a couple of choices:

I could explain everything that’s actually happened over the last 12 months in great detail.  That’d be quite dull.

I could fake it, and turn the last year into 10,000 words…