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“So you’ve read the Koran? And it said I couldn’t have my shoes without paying 200 rupees?”

“Don’t bother,” said one tourist glibly.

“I got hassled so much,” said another, “I wanted to kill someone.”

“It’s just one big, ugly pile of garbage,” said a third.

Word of mouth on Delhi is remarkably consistent.

Orphans of the storm

Once upon a time there was a saint.

He wasn’t much like a saint by western standards. He was fond of women and did unprintable, horrible things to evil lady-spirits….

In summary

The places and airlines that get you to other places:

Egyptair: Imagine what planes looked like 25 years ago. Then fly in them.
Cairo’s airport: If you look carefully through the brown haze (which probably bests Tunis), you can just about see the pyramids as you land.
Royal Jordanian: Imagine what planes will…

The great Libyan question

My Tunisian taxi driver told me something on the way to the airport.

“Tunisia,” he said, “is a small country. Libya is a big country….

Nasal stimulation

Tunis is polluted; it’s very heavily polluted, in fact.The problem is such that a brown cloud hangs above the city and stretches far out over the Mediterranean. Planes land in an eerie twilight, irrespective of the time of day.It’s possible that the fumes come from traffic. But it’s equally possible…

Tunis and Libya

One of my briefer entries, largely to bridge the gap until I am next likely to be online.

Tunis smells of rotten egg and has many small kittens vying for attention. And there are a lot of pictures of Colonel Gaddafi on Libya’s streets, from which I can tell you he…