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Also Sprach Zarathuzzz….

I won a battle this week. An epic struggle. A marathon. A war. A trial of existence. I finished reading the happy nihilist Nietzsche’s Thus Spoke Zarathustra.

The book, completed in 1885, takes a jaunt through the preachings of the prophet Zarathustra. It’s most famous for declaring that God is…


I’ve been out and about with the camera again, this time to Chatsworth in the Peak District. As usual the weather did not comply.

St Pancras station

The new St Pancras station in London has justifiably been praised for being quite pretty. But the more I use it, the more I wonder if any thought was given to its function as a station (a location at which passengers board and disembark from trains) when it was designed.


Things to do when you’re ill; a multimedia experience

For the last few days I’ve been virtually housebound with what I can only assume not to be swine flu. Today’s method of passing the time involved seeing what music could be made using whatever I had around the house and that beautiful, tone-deaf voice of mine.

Thus I present to…

Another gay play

A while back I had the privilege of reviewing another gay play. But so wrapped up was I in photography, banking regulation and Croydon that I forgot to post a link.

So here it is: a review of minor gods (no capitals) here. You can’t see it any more because…


Patients at University College Hospital, London can now listen to my dulcet tones on Wednesday afternoons on the radio. Please don’t injure yourselves to exploit this unique opportunity.