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Money-grabbing lawyer-type

The Croydon Advertiser carries a story on Croydon Council’s legal spending this week here, together with a photo of a devious, greedy lawyer-type fanning himself with cash. Any resemblance can only be coincidental…

Second star to the right, cheap day return

I imagine when Robinson Crusoe returned to his island he would have felt a mix of emotions. A sense of home, perhaps, mingled with a latent anguish. Pleasant memories of goats and less pleasant memories of cannibals. And a curious realisation that in all his…


Despite having an awful lot more time to indulge in high brow pursuits these days, I have yet to fathom Werner Herzog.

In earlier days, the German filmmaker directed story-driven films. The unique feature of one of them, Fitzcaraldo, was that Herzog actually had a team of people pull a paddlesteamer…

Peer Gynt

My bite-size review of the Barbican Theatre production of Peer Gynt appears on the playwright / director / theatrical polymath Phil Willmott’s Gay Times blog here. Phil will be attending government-sponsored spelling classes shortly.

Leith Hill

To Leith Hill this weekend to enjoy about the most rugged countryside rural Surrey has to offer. Mountainous it is not.

List making

A curious aspect of waltzing out of the rat race was the sudden compulsion I felt to compile lists of everything I could get up to with the luxury of time. The habit, fortunately, abated once my exit was achieved. Yet it remains in one key field: photography.

Tax avoidance, part II

Informa are off to Switzerland to escape the UK’s taxing them on foreign-earned profits. Read a few posts down. I’m either behind the times or a veritable sage of tax avoidance…