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Molested by a peacock

Being voluntarily unemployed is full of unexpected pleasures, like visiting places on weekdays when there’s no one about. No noise, no motionless crowds into which to stumble in moments of inattention, no views interrupted by sunbathers in bikinis.*

Cow flatulence

I wrote previously about my frustration that one of the major greenhouse gases — methane — is virtually ignored as people obsess about carbon dioxide. Well, it seems that researchers at University College Dublin, at least, are looking at methane.

A question of seating

Rule 11 of the Rules of Procedure of the European Parliament provides that the oldest MEP shall chair the Parliament’s opening. Rule 11 also says that oldest MEP, unless he has the good fortune to be elected President of the Parliament, can do pretty…


Today I found myself with a camera in a chocolate shop in Spitalfields. In a taunt to chocolate lovers everywhere (and in the absence of anything more scintillating to write about today), I have set out the resulting photos below.

Wrapped in the golden age of advertising

I don’t often get excited by installation art but there is something awesome about the scale on which Christo and Jeanne-Claude wrap things. Like islands, the Reichstag and the Pont Neuf. Perhaps my sense of wonder is down to my primitive tastes.

University students and vox popping

I’m exploring the world of journalism as part of my time out (with rumours flying that the Independent may shut down, ITV decimating its news staff and local papers biting the dust at the rate of one a week, I know how to time these things), and this fortnight’s London…

Shah ‘Abbas

I visited the British Museum today to see the Shah ‘Abbas exhibition, which looks at the rule of one of the most influential Shahs in Iran’s history from 1587 to 1629.

A little progress on climate change

Climate change has been a bit of a hobby-horse of mine ever since I saw photos of how glaciers in the Alps have retreated over the last 100 years.

Quantitative easing

Something a bit more weighty for a Thursday morning.

Today’s Financial Times (the link may or may not work as the FT has restrictions on online viewing) reports a “stampede” from financial institutions, all vying to sell government bonds to the Bank of England. This is the first step in…

Wider than a mile

In my guise as an amateur photography geek, I’m often asked how you go about creating photos like the above.

The answer’s very simple. I stand roughly in the same place and take a whole series of photos until I’ve covered…